2020 Form 1099-R Are Available on MyLAFPP


The 2020 Form 1099-R is now available for retired members on MyLAFPP. It is the easiest and fastest way to view and print your tax statement without waiting for delivery to your mailing address.

If you have not created a MyLAFPP account, you will need a PIN number to register. Please contact the Communications & Education Section at (213) 279-3155 or send an email to pensions@lafpp.com with your contact number and we will return your call during business hours.

We recommend viewing and downloading your Form 1099-R on a computer.

  1. Log in to MyLAFPP 

    1. Forgot username: https://www.lafpp.com/post/forgot-username
    2. Forgot password: https://www.lafpp.com/post/forgot-password
  2. Click Forms and Correspondence
  3. Click Statements
  4. Locate “1099-Tax Year 2020”
  5. Click “Document” to open and download your 1099-R

For the full guide with screenshots visit here: https://www.lafpp.com/post/how-download-form-1099r


Hard Copy Form 1099-R

The Form 1099-R was mailed on Friday, January 29, 2021 to the mailing address we have on file for you.

Please allow at least one week for your tax statement to be delivered to your mailing address before contacting LAFPP. 


Some members may receive more than one 1099-R tax form in a year. Here are some of the possible reasons:
  1. You exited DROP and received at least one monthly pension payment in the same year (one 1099-R for DROP, one 1099-R for monthly pension payments)
  2. You have a non-tax dependent covered on your LAFPP-subsidized health insurance plan (e.g., domestic partner or child of a domestic partner)
  3. Your IRS tax distribution code changed during the year (e.g., when member attains 59 ½ years old by June of the same year)
  4. You moved to a different state during the year
  5. You received pension payments based on your City service and from a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) or as a beneficiary


Contact Information

Form 1099-R Questions:  
Contact the Retirement Services Section at (213) 279-3125 or rs@lafpp.com.

MyLAFPP Questions:
Contact the Communications & Education Section at (213) 279-3155 or pensions@lafpp.com.