Building Access with ID & Parking Reminders



It is LAFPP’s goal to provide a secure environment for all LAFPP employees and visitors and to make our offices accessible to you.  If you have an upcoming appointment or need to stop by, please note the following to plan your visit.

Identification Required to Enter Building

Any person entering the LAFPP offices must present a driver’s license or other form of government-issued picture ID. Anyone without a valid form of identification will not be allowed to enter into the LAFPP offices.  This includes any guests you may bring with you.

Parking Available for LAFPP Business

On-site parking with validation is available to our LAFPP members (active/retired members, spouses, domestic partners, children, etc.) conducting business with staff at our offices located at 701 E. 3rd Street.  LAFPP members visiting our offices will be validated at the following two parking lots:

Lot 1: Adjacent to the LAFPP building – entrance is on 3rd St.  If there is no parking available, you will be directed to Lot 2

Lot 2: 300 Central Street (when Lot 1 is full). This lot is not owned by LAFPP but will accept our validation. At this lot you will have to pay $5 upfront that will be returned with a validated ticket.

  • When parking in either lot, please inform the attendant that you will be visiting the LAFPP offices.
  • All visitors should be prepared to leave the keys to their vehicle with the parking attendant, due to space issues. If this is not an option for you, metered street parking is an alternative.  Click this link for a map of other lots in the vicinity (no validation).
  • After you have finished conducting your LAFPP business, parking validation to cover the duration of your visit will be provided at the 2nd floor reception desk. Validation is only available for Lots 1 and 2 specified above. For any questions, please contact us at (213) 279-3000.