LAFPP and the City Procurement Process


This is in response to the October 26, 2021 L.A. Times article that mentions a member of the LAFPP Board of Commissioners titled, “Unvaccinated L.A. City Workers Will Have More Time to Get COVID-19 Shots” by Emily Alpert Reyes

In order to meet the ordinance requirements of the vaccine mandate for City employees, the City’s Personnel Department was instructed to secure a vendor who could provide the City with COVID-19 testing, telehealth services, and a software platform and mobile application to track and report vaccination, exemption, and testing status for City employees.

After thoroughly evaluating and vetting several vendors based on their fees, ability to provide the variety of services needed, and their respective software and testing platforms, the contract was awarded by the City to PPS Health, LLC (dba Bluestone).  While Bluestone lists LAFPP Commissioner Pedram Salimpour as a partial owner,  Commissioner Salimpour was not engaged nor part of the review and vetting process concerning the COVID-19 testing and related services contract.

The LAFPP General Manager has verified with the Personnel Department and Los Angeles City Ethics Commission that the Personnel Department followed all appropriate contracting provisions as currently authorized by the City Council per Council resolution adopted on March 17, 2020. Additionally, all applicable ethics and contracting laws were followed by all parties throughout this process.

PLEASE NOTE: LAFPP was not part of the selection process and contract awarding, as it does not relate to administering the pension system. Please direct any inquiries regarding the COVID-19 services contract and bidding process to the City’s Personnel Department.