LAFPP Fund Hits $25 Billion!


As of January 14, 2020, the Fund’s total assets reached an unaudited market value in excess of $25 billion dollars.   This is an increase from the June 30, 2019 value of $23.27 billion. The market gain was fueled by the strong performance in the domestic equities, real estate and private equity investments.

Board President Adam Nathanson congratulated General Manager Ray Ciranna, Chief Investment Officer Tom Lopez, the Plan’s investment advisors and the LAFPP staff for all their hard work and dedication to growing the portfolio to achieve the $25 billion milestone.

“On behalf of the Board, we applaud the staff and advisors on a job well done in creating a brighter future for LAFPP.”

LAFPP is one of the largest public safety pension funds in the country, administering retirement benefits for more than 26,000 active and retired sworn employees of the Fire, Police, Harbor and Airport Departments of the City of Los Angeles.  More information is available on the website under About LAFPP