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2020 Annual Report

LAFPP is pleased to present our 2020 Annual Report. This report provides financial information, such as the department’s budget summary, investment performance, asset allocation data, plan actuarial data, statistical information, and a summary of plan provisions for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020.


2020 Form 1099-R Are Available on MyLAFPP


The 2020 Form 1099-R is now available for retired members on MyLAFPP. It is the easiest and fastest way to view and print your tax statement without waiting for delivery to your mailing address.



SPECIAL NOTICE: This article only applies to retired members of the Los Angeles Fire & Police Pension Plan

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has increased the standard Medicare Part B monthly premium to $148.50 effective January 1, 2021; however, you may pay a different amount determined by CMS.


Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions CIO to Retire

Board, Ray, Tom

Longstanding Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Tom Lopez of Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions (LAFPP), is set to retire after more than 40 years of service to the fund. Mr. Lopez has been a stalwart in the CIO role since 1993 and has led the Investment Team in building a strong portfolio, successfully achieving returns above the benchmark for over 25 years.


Fairview Capital and Los Angeles Fire & Police Pensions (LAFPP) held a successful inaugural “Investing in Inclusion” webinar
Press Release

Fairview Capital and Los Angeles Fire & Police Pensions (LAFPP) held a successful inaugural “Investing in Inclusion” event that occurred on November 17, 2020.This event was attended by over 250 diverse general partners, limited partners, and others interested in learning more about LAFPP’s Specialized Manager Program and potential opportunities for fundraising and institutional investing.


2020 Valuation Reports Approved

Good news! Based on the actuarial report for the period ending June 30, 2020, the combined funded ratio for pension and health benefits is 88.6%, up slightly from 88.5% the previous year. This marks the third consecutive year that the combined funded ratio has increased for the System. Even though the pension benefit funded ratio is now 93.2%, down from 93.6%, the health benefit funded ratio increased from 56.2% to 59.7%. The favorable results indicate that the Plan remains strong despite a volatile year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.


FY 19-20 Investment Return

LAFPP is reporting a return of 3.04% for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020, as assets totaled over $23.​5 billion at the year-end.


LAFPP Hits $25 Billion

As of August 4, 2020, the Fund’s total assets once again reached an unaudited market value in excess of $25 billion dollars.


Dissolution of Marriage and Your Pension Guide

As a member of LAFPP, it is important that you understand the impact a dissolution of marriage may have on one of your largest assets – your pension. In California, any asset acquired, or income earned while married is considered community property. As part of this, pension benefits and contributions are subject to community property laws and, as assets, may be subject to division upon dissolution of marriage.


Board Adopts 7.00% Rate of Return

charts on a computer screen

On May 21, 2020, the Board of Fire and Police Pension Commissioners approved the Plan actuary’s recommendation to lower the investment return assumption from 7.25% to 7.00%. This action will help ensure the long-term viability of the Plan to properly fund the benefits for members.