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2018 Pension Payment Schedule

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LAPRA Members are not affected by Anthem's decision to end individual coverage in California

Anthem has recently announced that it is ending its Covered California coverage in most areas of California. Covered California is the marketplace for individual coverage as required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Anthem is not ending coverage for group plans such as LAPRA’s. Therefore, LAPRA’s medical plans for active and retirees through Anthem BlueCross are not affected.

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2017 COLA

The Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) effective July 1, 2017 is +2.7% and all eligible pensions will be adjusted accordingly beginning with the pension payment dated July 31, 2017.

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Pension Perspectives for Retired/DROP Members

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Pension Perspectives

Medicare Part B Premium Reimbursement for 2017 - Action Required

If you are currently eligible to receive a reimbursement for your Medicare Part B premium, you will need to provide LAFPP with documentation indicating how much you will pay for your Part B premium in 2017 in order for us to apply the correct reimbursement amount in your pension check.

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