New Members - Tier 6


New LAFPP Members – Tier 6

Congratulations on completing your training and welcome to the LAFPP family!

As you venture into your new career, we here at LAFPP would like to help guide you through your pension benefits. 


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Fade In From Black: Hello! My name is Ray Ciranna, General Manager of the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions Department. I would like to congratulate you on your recent graduation and personally welcome you to our site. By visiting us, you are taking an important first step into learning about your retirement plan and ensuring an active participation towards your retirement.

As a new employee, you are enrolled as a Tier 6 member of LAFPP. We encourage you to be mindful when speaking to others about your benefits as they may not be in the same Tier or have the same provisions as you. We have created this walk-through to help guide you through your pension system.

I invite you to take advantage of our videos, guides, and articles to help you discover more about your pension benefits. In addition, our knowledgeable and helpful team at Pensions are always available to assist you during regular business hours should you have any more questions.

Again, congratulations… and Welcome… to the LAFPP Family! Fade Out to Logo (To Serve Those Who Protect)


If this is your first time visiting us, begin by clicking on “Start Here”. 

DISCLAIMER: This presentation is intended to summarize legal texts in a clear and concise manner to help you understand your benefits.  It describes the most important features. If there is a difference between the legal texts and this presentation, the legal texts will prevail.