Passing of Gary Mattingly


It is with great sadness that we announce the recent passing of Gary Mattingly, former General Manager of the Department of Fire and Police Pensions.

Gary was appointed by the Board of Fire and Police Pensions on June 6, 1982. He retired on December 4, 2004 but continued to serve as interim General Manager until June 2005 when Michael Perez was selected as the new General Manager.

Gary was one of the longest serving General Managers at LAFPP. When he was appointed, the Fund was valued at nearly $1.5 billion and grew to $12.3 billion when he left City service in 2005. He was the first general manager to institute an asset allocation plan, which directly contributed to the growth in assets of the Plan. Gary was committed to the welfare of the Fund and to the sworn members of LAFPP. There are many Board members and staff, both past and present, that will remember and recognize his service to the System.