Proposal Due Date: December 15, 2020, 4:30 P.M. PST


The Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension System (‘LAFPP” or “System” or “Plan”) is seeking proposals from qualified actuarial consulting firms with experience providing services to public employee pension funds.

LAFPP intends to award a three-year full-service contract to the firm which best meets our needs to act as the primary “System Actuary.” The actuarial services requested include: preparation of annual actuarial valuations for pension and retiree health subsidy benefits (including distinct contribution rates for each Tier, the Airport Department and the Harbor Department), an evaluation of the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP), one plan experience study, and miscellaneous consulting services during the contract period.

RFP Actuarial Consulting Services

Appendix A - Standard Provisions

Appendix B - Instructions for Complying with City Insurance Requirements

Appendix C - Nondiscrimination, Equal Employment Practices, and Affirmative Action Program

Appendix D - CEC Form 50

Appendix E - Contractor Disclosure Policy

Appendix F - Contractor Disclosure Form

Appendix G - Solicitation of Contributions

Appendix G, Exhibit Appendix G, Exhibit B - Fiduciaries of the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension System