Dental Insurance Subsidy


Retired members may be eligible for a monthly subsidy for dental coverage. The dental subsidy is not available to qualified survivors.

Who is eligible?

If you are a retired member, you qualify for the dental insurance subsidy if you meet the following requirements:

  • Are enrolled in a Board-approved dental plan,
  • Have at least 10 years of service, and
  • Are at least 55 years of age.

What is the subsidy amount?

You are allowed 4% of the maximum amount for each year of service (YOS), up to the current monthly maximum subsidy, $44.60, effective January 1, 2019.


YOS x 4% x Maximum Subsidy Amount = Monthly Subsidy


With 20 Years of Service, $35.68 is your monthly subsidy and would be applied toward your dental premium. 20 YOS x 4% x $44.60 = $35.68.

How do I enroll?

It is not necessary to apply for this benefit. Any eligible retiree enrolled in a Board-approved dental plan will automatically receive this benefit.


If you have, please contact the Medical and Dental Benefits Section at (213) 279-3115 or toll-free at (844) 88-LAFPP (52377).