Financial Planning Education Webinars


Created with you in mind, we’ve designed this series to meet your needs based on your specific career stage. This series has been formatted to provide greater emphasis on topics that will help you prepare for retirement and also assist you with your overall financial plan. A financial planning educator, overseen by LAFPP, will moderate and host these events.

These seminars do not provide detailed pension benefits information. Everyone is strongly advised to either complete all parts of theLAFPP Benefits Information Seriesor to attend the “LAFPP Comprehensive Benefits Presentation“ prior to attending one of these webinars. 

Financial Planning Education Webinars  

After completing the “Benefits Information Series” or attending the “Comprehensive Benefits Presentation“, we encourage you to further your knowledge on retirement planning by attending the Financial Planning Education Webinar. This event is presented in conjunction with FourSquare Financial, a licensed financial planning educator overseen by LAFPP.

Register for a webinar through MyLAFPP. Here is a guide on How to Register for a Webinar on MyLAFPP. 

Date Time
November 9, 2022 9:00AM – 1:00PM



If you have any questions, you may contact the Communications & Education Section at (213) 279-3155 or (844) 88-LAFPP.