How Do I Reset My Password

In event you forget your password and you need to gain access to your MyLAFPP account, follow these simple instructions.

STEP 1: Click Forgot Username or Password


STEP 2: Click Forgot Password 


STEP 3: Verify your credentials

Information must exactly match LAFPP records or an error message will appear and you will be unable to continue.

  1. Enter your: Username, Birth Date, ZIP Code, and Last Name.
  2. Click on the square beside “I’m not a robot.” (An image may appear for verification. Follow instruction, then click Submit.)
  3. Click Submit at the bottom right.

Important: If you forgot your username, please follow the instructions on how to reset your Username by clicking here.


STEP 4: Security Question

Enter your answer to the specific question, then click Submit.

Important: Answer is not case sensitive. However, answers must be written exactly how it was entered when you first registered (i.e. If “Street” was originally entered you cannot use “St.”). If you do not remember the answer to the question, refresh the page until a new question appears.


STEP 5: Reset your Password

Enter a new password, confirm, and click Submit. Password must be at least 8 characters and contain at least:

  1. One number,
  2. One lowercase letter,
  3. One uppercase letter, and
  4. One special character (i.e. !,@,#,$)

Important: If clicking Submit refreshes the page and clears your responses, it means your password did not meet the criteria. Please try again.


STEP 6: Success! You will automatically be redirected to the Log In page.

Important: If you do not get redirected, click Return now at the bottom right.


STEP 7: Enter your username and new password, then click Log In

Important: Username and Password are case sensitive.


Contact Us

If you require further assistance please contact the Communications & Education Section at (213) 279-3155 or (844) 885-2377, Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (PDT), excluding weekends and City Holidays.