June 2017

Post Retired Members

Retired/DROP Members - June 2017 Newsletter

  • Fry v. City of Los Angeles (a.k.a. “The Fry Case”)
  • Health Insurance Premium Reimbursement Program Changes
  • 2017 Cost of Living Adjustment is 2.7%
  • Member Alert Regarding Alleged Predatory Pension Loan Businesses
  • Alive and Well Audits Starting Again
  • Survivor Benefits Handbook
  • 2016 Annual Report is Available at LAFPP.com
  • Surviorship Benefits May Be Delayed Due to Community Property Interest
  • Parking is Available When Visiting LAFPP Offices!
  • LAFPP Wants Your Personal E-Mail!
  • LAFPP Quarterly Review as of March 31, 2017
  • Ruben Navarro Re-Elected to the Board