Medicare Part B Premium Reimbursement For 2019


Retired members and qualified survivors can receive reimbursement for their Part B premiums if they are eligible for a health subsidy and are enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B. 

The standard Medicare Part B monthly premium for the 2019 calendar year has been increased to $135.50 effective January 1, 2019. Pensioners who have recently enrolled in Medicare Part B will be charged this new standard monthly premium and will be reimbursed at the maximum amount of $135.50. 

Reimbursements for Part B premiums can be found in the adjustments section on your pension check stub. 


If your current Medicare Reimbursement amount is different from your 2019 Medicare Part B premium, please submit a copy of either:

  1. your SSA New Benefit Amount statement for 2019, or
    This statement lists your initial SSA benefit amount, details of your Medicare enrollment, and the amount that will be deducted every month for your basic Part B premium.
  2. your current CMS billing statement.
    If you are not eligible to receive SSA benefits, CMS sends you a bill for your 2019 Part B premiums. 

Once your correct Part B reimbursement amount has been confirmed, changes will be reflected on the next available pension roll. If eligible, you may also be reimbursed retroactively up to 12 pension roll months from the date your documentation is received. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What document do I need to submit to receive my correct Part B reimbursement? 

You may submit a copy of your SSA benefits verification statement (Your New Benefit Amount) or a copy of your 2019 CMS billing statement.    

My spouse (non-LAFPP member) is currently enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.  Does he/she need to submit Medicare Part B premium documentation?

No. Only the member or QSS enrolled in Parts A and B is eligible for Medicare Part B premium reimbursement.

I received a letter stating that I pay a higher Part B premium based on my income level (Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount, i.e. IRMAA). May I submit this letter as proof of my Part B premium?

Yes.  You may submit a copy of the first page of your IRMAA letter as long as it contains your name, address, and 2019 monthly Medicare Part B premium deduction.  LAFPP does not reimburse IRMAA fees, so the Part B reimbursement will not exceed $135.50 per month.

I receive a monthly Social Security payment, but I did not receive / cannot locate my “New Benefit Amount” Statement. What can I do?

You can call or visit your local SSA office.  You can also access proof of your 2019 Medicare Part B basic premium online at the SSA website: You may be required to create or register your SSA account. Note that once you have an online account, your SSA notifications will be emailed to you.

How do I submit proof of my Part B premium?

Please make a copy of your statement and send it attention to Medical and Dental Benefits Section via (1) Email to:; (2) Fax to (213) 628-7782 or (3) Mail to Department of Fire and Police Pensions, Attn: Medical & Dental Benefits, 701 E. 3rd Street, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

When do I need to provide LAFPP documentation of my Part B Premium?

You may submit your documentation at any time during 2019 and receive a retroactive reimbursement of the balance of your 2019 basic Part B premiums for up to 12 pension roll months from the date your submission is received.


If you have, please contact the Medical and Dental Benefits Section at (213) 279-3115 or toll-free at (844) 88-LAFPP (52377).


Sample Medicare Part B Premium Documentation 2019