Riza Mulawin
Active Member Services Manager


Division: Pensions Division
Phone: 213-279-3141
Toll-Free: 844-885-2377
Fax: 213-628-7716

I supervise the Active Member Services Section of the Pensions Division. Our mission is to provide prompt and efficient delivery of services to LAFPP active members.

The section is responsible for the following:

  • Maintenance of active member records through an automated information system
  • Ensure the accuracy of active member pension contribution deductions
  • Maintenance of annual member statements
  • Calculate the cost to purchase prior service time, eligible lost service time, or basic training time
  • Calculate the cost to purchase eligible military service or service with other public agencies through the Public Service Purchase (PSP) program
  • Process pension contribution refunds to qualified terminated members and survivors
  • Administer community property interest division and child/spousal support assignments from member refunds, as applicable
  • Process contribution statements for subpoenas, dissolutions of marriage, and loans
  • Maintenance of beneficiary information and Domestic Partnership Affidavits
  • Verify lost service time records
  • Answer questions regarding member benefits