Update Your Beneficiaries Online


You may now submit or update your beneficiary designation(s) electronically by logging into MyLAFPP, your member self-service portal.  Updating your beneficiary designation through MyLAFPP is the fastest, easiest, and secure way to make beneficiary changes.  Your changes will immediately update your pension record without any delays!

Please refer to the Helpdesk for step-by-step instructions on how to register for MyLAFPP/request a PIN, update your beneficiary designation, recover your username, reset a password, and other helpful tools.

You may also update your beneficiary information by submitting a completed Designation of Beneficiary form by mail, fax to (213) 628-7716, or by email to amssection@lafpp.com.  The Designation of Beneficiary form is available on our website under Forms & Publications.

Why do I need to designate a beneficiary?

In the event that you pass away prior to retirement, circumstances may only allow for a refund of your pension contributions and accrued interest to your designated beneficiary – not a Survivor Pension.  If you do not have a beneficiary designation on file with LAFPP:

  1. Your pension contributions and accrued interest will be paid based on the Plan’s order of succession as stated in the City Charter and Administrative Code provisions: 1) Spouse or State-Registered Domestic Partner; 2) Children; 3) Parents; 4) Executor or Administrator of your estate, or to any other person legally authorized to collect money due to you.  If the Plan’s order of succession is insufficient to pay a beneficiary, then the California Intestate Succession laws will be applied. See California Intestate Section 6402 for more information. 

  2. Additionally, if your total estate (including your pension contributions and accrued interest) is greater than the prescribed  limit found in California Probate Code Section 13100, then probate proceedings will need to be initiated.

As an active member, it is very important to maintain a current beneficiary designation with LAFPP.  Doing so ensures that your pension contributions and accrued interest will be paid to the person(s) of your choice and the refund will not be delayed by probate, regardless of your estate’s value.

Note: Should you pass away and leave someone eligible for a survivor pension (i.e., spouse/domestic partner, minor/dependent children, dependent parent), your contributions and accrued interest will not be refunded, although your eligible survivor(s) may receive your contributions as part of the Basic Death Benefit, if applicable.

Please review the Qualified Survivor Handbook for more information on survivor benefits.


If you have any questions regarding beneficiary designation, please contact the Active Members Services Section at (213) 279-3140 or by email at amssection@lafpp.com.


Survivor Benefits Handbook