Active Member Services

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Annual Member Statements

Beneficiary Designations

Contribution Accounts

Dissolution of Marriage Information

Refund of Contributions

Request to Purchase Servce Credit

  • Military or Other Government Service (PSP)
  • Recruit Training Time
  • Other Service Credit


Communications & Education

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Annual Report

Benefits Presentation

Financial Planning Education Seminars

Social Media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) 



Website Updates


Disability Pensions

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Active Member Deaths - Survivor Pensions
Disability Pension Inquiries, Processing and Reviews
Review of Dependent Parent/Dependent Child Qualifications 


DROP / Service Pensions

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DROP - Information on the Deferred Retirement Option Plan

  • DROP Entry/Exit Inquiries and Processing
  • DROP Member Beneficiary Designation

Service and Deferred Pension Inquiries and Processing


Medical & Dental Benefits

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Health and Dental Insurance Subsidies

Health Insurance Premium Reimbursement

Medicare Part B Reimbursement

Year-to-Date Insurance Deduction Totals


Retirement Services

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Benefit Payment Participant (BPP) Web Passport

Post Retirement Marriage Dissolutions

Retired Member Records and Information

  • Change of Address
  • Cost of Living Adjustments
  • Direct Deposit
  • Pension Verification Letters (for home loans, etc)
  • Tax Withholding

Retired Member and Qualified Survivor Deaths

Survivor Benefit Purchases - Post Retirement Marriages/Domestic Partnerships

Survivor Pensions