Disability Pensions


Disability Pensions

If you are unable to perform your duties because of an injury or illness sustained on- or off-duty, you may be eligible to apply for a disability pension. To understand the process and requirements, the information below will provide you with the basic knowledge.

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Two Types of Disability Pension

For an impairment to be considered “work-related” there must be clear and convincing evidence that the discharge of duties is the predominant cause of your incapacity.



The Board of Fire and Police Pension Commissioners (Board) reviews and approves (or denies) all disability pension applications. ALL disability applications undergo a rigorous review process before approval.

An approval of your disability pension application is not guaranteed.

If you are approved for a pension, the Board retains the authority to review your disability status at any time. 



Is there an age requirement to retire on a disability pension?

There is no age requirement.  

How long does disability retirement last? Will I receive benefits forever?

Disability pensions are normally paid for a lifetime but are subject to the Board’s review at any time. This review may result in an increase or decrease to your pension or a termination of the pension and return to duty.  The Board may also take no action and your disability pension will continue.

Is a disability pension taxed?

Service-connected disability pension payments may be partially to 100% tax-free, depending on the Board’s review and your years of service.  Nonservice-connected pensions are fully taxable. 

Who qualifies for a disability retirement?

All LAFPP members are eligible to apply for service-connected disability pensions upon becoming Tier 6 members.  Members must have at least 5 years of service to qualify for nonservice-connected disability benefits. 

Where can I learn more?

You can read more on our Disability Pensions page, in your Summary Plan Description or the Disability Pension Guide.


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