MyLAFPP HelpDesk


MyLAFPP HelpDesk

MyLAFPP is the designated online portal where Active/DROP and Retired members plus beneficiaries have 24-hour access to personalized pension benefits information and services through one convenient system.

Once you register you will have access to the following:

Active and DROP Members: 

Summary of Personal information
Retirement/DROP Estimates
Beneficiary Information
Request Appointments
Annual Statements
Semi-Annual DROP Statements
Recruit Training Time Estimates
Public Service Purchase Estimates
Confirm “frozen” or “non-frozen” health subsidy

Retired Members:

Summary of Personal Information
Monthly Benefit Information
Monthly Pension Statements
Tax Withholdings (CA only)
Direct Deposit
Health Subsidy Information
Request Pension Verification
Address change

*MyLAFPP registration is not required for members to receive pension benefits.



First Time Logging In?

A PIN is required to enter for the first time, click on Register to MyLAFPP to begin.