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Live webinars and on-demand training videos for your convenience. Gain information and the knowledge you need via easily accessible means. 

Why spend money on gas and an hour in traffic just to learn about your benefits? With our webinars, you can attend the meeting from the comfort of your home or anywhere else – in the world! Our virtual events are responsive to your educational needs and formatted to fit your schedule. Events are live and hosted by LAFPP staff ready to answer your burning pensions questions. 

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Live Webinars  |  On-Demand Videos


Live Webinars

These free seminars are designed to help active members at various stages of their careers better understand LAFPP pension benefits. (Click to view our Financial Planning Education series.)

Register for a webinar through MyLAFPP. Here is a guide on How to Register for a Webinar on MyLAFPP. 

Benefits Information Series – All Active Members

A series of webinars designed to fit within your busy schedule, these informative sessions will get you on the path to understanding your benefits. DROP Members are encouraged to attend Part 2 and Part 3B of the series.

  • Part 1: Understanding Your Plan – The Three Types of LAFPP Pensions (1.5 hrs.)
    This webinar provides an overview of your retirement benefits. Topics include: Retirement Eligibility Requirements, How to Calculate Your Pension, Disability Pensions and Process, Survivor Benefits Pre- and Post-Retirement (All attendees will be required to download a retirement estimate from MyLAFPP).
    Date Time
    May 24, 2023  2:00pm – 3:30pm
    July 12, 2023 10:00am -  11:30am


  • Part 2: Health Benefits – Insurance in Retirement (1 hr.)
    Examine how retirement affects your health insurance benefits and what you need to know about your coverage. Topics include: Defining Subsidies, Health Subsidy Eligibility, Frozen vs. Non-Frozen Subsidy, Medicare and Your Dental Subsidy Eligibility.
    Date Time
    May 18, 2023  2:00pm  -  3:00pm
    June 14, 2023 10:00am – 11:00am


  • Part 3: Service Retirement and DROP Entry – Application Process (1.5 hr.)
    Topics include: Preparing for Service Retirement, What is DROP, DROP Provisions, Eligibility Requirements, Preparing for DROP Entry (All attendees will be required to download a retirement and DROP Entry estimate from MyLAFPP).
    Date Time
    May 25, 2023  2:00pm – 3:30pm
    June 22, 2023 10:00am – 11:30am   


  • Evening Session: Summary of Pension Benefits (1.5 hrs.) Combining information from the 3 webinars, this session will provide you with a comprehensive review of your benefits. Topics include: Retirement Eligibility Requirements, How to Calculate Your Pension, Disability Pensions and Process, Survivor Benefits Pre- and Post-Retirement, Health Benefits, and DROP Information (All attendees will be required to download a retirement estimate from MyLAFPP).
    Date Time
    TBD     To Be Determined                       


On-Demand Training 


On-Demand Benefits Presentation

Is your team eager to learn about LAFPP pension and retirement benefits? Book an appointment with the Communications and Education team to provide a 2.5 hours presentation about your benefits for your station/division. Let us break down your pension estimates and talk to you about the differences in Member Tiers. Call us at (213) 279-3155 or send us an email at

Virtual presentations via the Zoom platform are also available and is the fastest and most convenient way to proactively learn about your pension benefits. 

Benefits Video Series

  • Service Retirement: LAFPP Pension Basics
  • Disability Retirement: Foreseeing the Unforeseen
  • Survivor Benefits: Planning for Your Family’s Financial Future
  • Retiree Medical & Dental: Covering the Coverage
  • DROP Entry vs. Service Retirement: Managing Expectations

Focus on Tier 6: A Walk to Remember

For our new Tier 6 members, we’ve created a walk-through designed to provide valuable pension benefits education. This virtual road map is built to help new members get a better understanding of what it means to be a part of the LAFPP Plan. Click here to access.


If you have any questions, you may contact the Communications & Education Section at (213) 279-3155 or (844) 88-LAFPP.